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Canagan: The UK's first carbon neutral pet shop

Published date: 29 June 2022


At Canagan, we are a company undoubtedly full of pet lovers, but this passion extends to our environment and the animals who occupy it too.

Our commitment to sustainability is at the core of who we are and we know there is no time for distant promises, so we are ensuring a sustainable future – today!

Did you know that pets consume around 20% of the world’s meat and fish and with this number set to rise, the environmental impact of course climbs with it.


Over the years we have been working behind the scenes to ensure that our offices generate zero-emissions solar energy to power our headquarters and distribution centre.

We even return excess energy to the grid – we are proud that we take as much carbon out of the atmosphere as we put in, making us carbon neutral.

In addition, over 80% of our vehicles are zero-emissions EV’s (we’re working on getting that to 100%, of course).


The Cardamon Rainforest Landscape is one of the last unfragmented rainforests remaining in Southeast Asia. This project prevents more than 3,000,000 tons of carbon emissions each year. It also provides a safe habitat for critically endangered species such as Pangolins, Sun Bears and wild herds of Asian Elephants.

This area is globally significant for ecosystem servicing, wildlife conservation, and community livelihoods and serves as the region’s most important watershed, climate regulator and carbon sink.

By halting deforestation, we could potentially contribute over one-third of the totally emissions reductions required by 2030.

We’re proud to support the Southern Cardamom project in Cambodia helping to protect over 5,000 square km of pristine rainforest from deforestation and the communities and wildlife that call it home.


Quality is important to us at Canagan, not just for the health of our companions but the planet too. We’re animal lovers and the welfare of animals comes first when we select our ingredients. The fresh chicken in our dry diets is 100% free range, from trusted farmers and our salmon is sourced from the pristine waters of Scotland.

We never compromise on quality and always strive for the highest standards. The quality of our ingredients shines through in the flavour, which is why Canagan is the first choice for our companions.


At Canagan, we are committed to delivering a sustainable, natural and ancestral diet with nature’s finest ingredients – whilst ensuring we tread lightly.

Eddie Milbourne founded the business over 40 years ago, with a commitment to making the very best pet food, exclusive to independent pet stores. Now, with Eddie’s son James at the helm, we’re looking forward to continuing our commitments of integrity, doing the right thing and putting beloved pets and the planet first.


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